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Issue of April 2016


Transforming with Hamza Lakhal. Inkwell Arts. Leeds. UK.

Editor’s Intro: we spend an evening with Transforming Poetry at the Inkwell Arts Centre. Leeds. Uk. It is introduced by Tony Martin Woods, a Spanish born poet, who teaches Spanish studies at Leeds University and... read more


The Stain of Poetry Reading Series

The Stain of Poetry Reading series presented here at Poetry Videos were encountered through the Poetry Video works of Amy King, who was curator of... read more

Review Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

An appeal to poetry critics to review The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: Anthology of Sonnets of the Early Third Millennium

Since its publication in November 2013, The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: Anthology of Sonnets of the Early Third Millennium, has generally been met with positive reviews from purchasers and poetry reviewers. As editor of the anthology, I for one freely admit that several authors display considerable talent, while some, I believe, are exceptional sonneteers who have penned poems, which may one day be viewed as masterpieces of the genre.  Read more


Poem Trees and The Purple K.O-K.O Nut - available on now...

"In this first time published book, Sheri shares and bares her soul, writing about her dreams, family, love, despair, cheaters, marriage, lost hope, hope, sex,  faith, honesty, humor, and life in general. Most of this poetry was created through her sense of deep rooted pains. She falls in and out of love with an old flame from 26 years ago. Her "soul mate" and "best friend" is currently married and she goes through "struggles" as noted in her poetry."


Robin Ouzman Hislop - All the Babble of the Souk on


Adam Levon Brown reviews
All the Babble of the Souk
Robin Ouzman Hislop

I had the great pleasure of reviewing “All the Babble of the Souk” by a very experienced and talented poet, Robin Ouzman Hislop.

The book is split into the two parts, The first part is “All the Babble and the Souk 1” and is very short in comparison to the second part, “All the Babble and the Souk 2”. Read more


I sing a streetcar serendipity. A Poem by Marie Marshall

I sing a streetcar serendipity,
pralines and beignets, king cakes and pears,
a chicken pot pie from The Pie Lady,
mango, banana, Mr. Okra’s wares.
I sing of the sweet Sweet Street Symphony,
of improvised signage by Dr. Bob...  Read more

French Poet Flies Continental. A Poem by R.W. Haynes

Of course the body wants to stay alive
And generate survivors unto the end of days,
Mused Baudelaire, his bladder somewhat awry,
Yet this old testament will not suffice... Read more

Silent Obscurity. A Poem by Adam Levon Brown
I feel like I’m fading; into silent obscurity.
Shadows play tricks on the wall... Read more

Solaris. A Poem by Robin Ouzman Hislop

I'm out of the Station
out of the shuttle
perched on this moving 
crumbling Mimoid 

in its shimmering ocean
like an ancient city in ruins
                        like a Pompeii in lava.
Read more

Tribute to the late E. Darcy Trie by Wanda Brayton

Darcy Trie was one of my first readers on the poetry site where we met over eleven years ago. Her unique talent was so obvious, it was intimidating. Her insights were keen, intelligent, witty and bright with creative energy...  Read more

 Irrelative. A Poem by Miriam C. Jacobs

*For Ed Hall
Wash hands of him, rip collar,
band one arm in black.
Every year say kaddish, and press
a stone into the ground... Read more


End of World Blues. A Poem by Akpa Arinzechukwu

The world is aging
Soon perchance
It shall forget how to dance to the rhythm
Of this song... Read more


Let Her Try. A Poem by Gertrude Stein Read by Maria Salgado.

Maria Salgado is a contemorary Spanish poet, here she reads her translation with explanation of Gertrude Stein’s famous poem Let Her Try, first in English then in Spanish to a very appreciative & enthusiastic audience.

(from or watch video link directly from YouTube below)


Peril Keep. A Video Poem by Candice James

Published on 15 Mar 2016This is a pirate story told in rhyme, with slide show and music Peril Keep is written by Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC CANADA

     (from or watch video link directly from YouTube below)

Green Party Show Poetry Reading Amy King & Ana Božičević

“This Opera of Peace” @ AWP Chicago – Poem by Amy King

Everything that happens now/ is preceded by another now/ until they pile/ on top of what we hold in layers/ that hide how falsely we/ perceive the landscape to be

                       (from or watch video link directly from YouTube below)

Every Piece of Flesh. A Video Poem by Nicholas Hallows

For every piece of flesh you buy, you’re paying to breed the next to die”
(from or watch video link directly from YouTube below)

Everything was Alive and Dying. A Video Poem by Janet Kuypers