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Issue of May 2016

  PRESS RELEASE. The Poetic Bond V.

Willowdown Books is pleased to announce the poems

A Split Second Later’s Late
and The Split
Robin Ouzman Hislop

have been chosen for inclusion in the international poetry anthology


ISBN 978-1517783808

Publication Date 21 October 2015
Available from and across all AMAZON Channels

  Summary Review

A Split Second Later’s Late “Hangs brilliantly on the edge, visually stunning, there is a breadth to the language that is very satisfying.”

The Split “A challenging piece, revealing the debates of Wu Ch Eng En and Chuang Tze, and prompting the reader to research. The tone of philosophical enquiry is well held giving a feeling of profound truth.” Read more...


DISPLAYS - a collection of poetry by Gary Beck

Unheard Arias
The purple finch and house finch
are unappreciated
by busy city dwellers,
who will never take the time
to listen for a moment
to their melodious song
that would please receptive ears
that are otherwise deafened
by the city commotion.  Read more

Also out now by Gary Beck:
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Shine on Me. A Poem by Judy Moscowitz.

I’m a reactionary woman
Wearing it in my jiggle
Hidden in the cleavage of my past
Misunderstood flow
Not recognized as 925 Sterling
If you’d shine on me just a little… Read more


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 Creator Song   by Sara L Russell
via Hello Poetry

Sara L Russell, 27th Oct 2015, 00:50am

I send you out into the world my dear ones.
Here is light and shade; and I see that it is good.
Here are the waters of life poured forth in shimmering splendour
all for your delight and to nurture your thirst;
behold, here is a paradise of sunlight scattering
diamonds of fire on the ocean,
sunlight filtering through the leaves of tall palms and little olive trees
in splinters of dappled emerald light and shade;
here are dazzling white sands and shady mangroves  ... Read more


a new collection of poetry by Trevor Maynard

casualty of war

tumble down water of the weir
rushing to my ear, sixty-three years
and fourteen days is enough for a life 
          every night, there is salt on my lips
          vomit in the sand, blood splattering in the loam
          bullets strafing, mortars, grenades, noise...  Read more


 In Bed. A Poem by Robin Ouzman Hislop. 

The homestead El Caserio i Bizkerre lodged upon the wall

has a large gable’s end symmetry, slightly

skew whiff in the canvass that encompasses it. I wonder if
she’s painted herself from within to without ... Read more



 Miriam C Jacobs Reviews All the Babble of the Souk 

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Robin Ouzman Hislop

Poet Robin Ouzman Hislop’s first full-length collection, All the Babble of the Souk, is appropriately titled. With a remarkably consistent ear for the market’s noise, for “[t]he broken lights of the bazaar/spangled] with glistening promise/in the eyes of the dusky beggar …” (Laminations in Lacquer ) Hislop’s poems, many of them cinematic-style montages of sounds and images, show us the metaphoric souk of the world, on the beach or in the street, its glitter, its sadness, its ragtag glory:

“pets, flower pots framed captive in a moment 
outside the house of the painter, a robot
in chains with an alms bowl”
(“Departures”) ...Read more

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Further comments and reviews on Motherbird


Game Ball. A Poem by Miriam C. Jacobs

Above Hukte Ajaw’s court where the air stinks
of rotting flesh and rubber, darkest night of the year,
the sky is potent with cold.
Our astronomers fix the time of sacrifice,
time for the judge’s sharp whistles, the slam
as the ball, stuffed with the brains of the dead,
ricochets against sloping stone.
Once through the ring is all there is. ... Read more


"Contra". Poetry Against Repression.

Contra, Against. A critical poetry anthology. Coordinadora Anti Represión. 

More than 100 poets including Katy Parra Carrillo, Iván Rafael, Robin Hislop, Amparo Perez Arrospide, Siobhan Mac Mahon, Carlos Gorairis, Ana Pérez Cañamares, Tony Martin-Woods, José Daniel Espejo, Cristina Morano, Carlos Egio, Inma Luna and many other great voices committed to social justice. Please help us with the crowd funding by disseminating this post, acquiring the book online through this link or donating...  Read more


Robin Marchesi reads
The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

by T.S. Eliot


Figuring it out still.
A Poem by Goirick Brahmachari


May be, you just wanted me to see some white horses
flying over the silver mountain, on that fateful night,
at old hill, when the moon was heavy
melting onto the yellow mustard, and those apple trees
tasted white like corpse.
May be, you wanted me to accompany you to the seas
for us, to get drowned, in sand, in liquids.   ... Read more




Humpback Nickerbroker.
A Poem by Saira Viola

Slurping on oysters
Rat King grinned
‘The best time to invest – when there’s blood flowing in the streets.’
His face lit like up like a Roman candle
His heart tasted like cherry flava kerosene
Money spawn fisting the kitties
Jim slim tight wads
Bruising the night
With mechanical jizz
Get up offa the couch
And spunk your soul
With the seed of sedition
Or let your tears fold away the dawn
With fuck me now resignation.

 Saira Viola ia a best selling crime writer , satirist, song lyricist and creator of innovative lit technique sonic scatterscript. Her work is infused with undercurrents of politics, pop philosophy and black comedy




Angel of Peace by Author-Poet Aberjhani

Break-up Poem: The Recovery Edition by Nordette Adams


Queen of the Selfie: light-hearted chav poem/monologue by Sara L Russell

John Cooper Clarke: "TWAT" (on After Dark, 1982)



This issue of Poetry Lifetimes was brought to you by Sara L Russell, Editor, and Robin Ouzman Hislop, editor of our sister publication Poetry Life & Times; also poetry from
Hello Poetry and Motherbird.


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